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BMMS K23 CANopen® 绝对值编码器

名称:BMMS K23 CANopen® Baumer 堡盟 绝对值编码器
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Technical data - electrical ratings
Voltage supply 10...30 VDC
Consumption typ. 50 mA (24 VDC, w/o load)
Initializing time ≤500 ms (not redundant)
≤800 ms (redundant)
Interface CANopen®
Function Linear position feedback
Profile conformity CANopen® CiA DSP 301, DSP 305, DS 406
Resolution 0.1 mm/step
Linearity ±0.13 % full scale output (f.s.o.)
Absolute accuracy ±0.26 % f.s.o. (+25 °C)
±0.34 % f.s.o. (-40...+85 °C)
Sensing method Magnetic
Code Binary
Code sequence Programmable
Interference immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
Emitted interference DIN EN 61000-6-4
Operating modes
Total resolution
Diagnostic function Position or parameter error
Multiturn sensing
Technical data - mechanical design
Protection DIN EN 60529 IP 65 (encoder)
Material Encoder housing: aluminium
Cable-pull housing: PA6 GF30
Cable: Stainless steel cable coated with polyamide
Operating temperature -40...+85 °C (not redundant)
-40...+65 °C (redundant)
Service life Typ. >500000 strokes
Measuring length 2.3 m
Cable acceleration ≤50 m/s²
Cable diameter 0.45 mm
Pull-in force >3 N
Pull-out force ≤9 N
Relative humidity 95 % temporary condensing
Resistance DIN EN 60068-2-6 
Vibration 10 g, 10-2000 Hz
DIN EN 60068-2-27 
Shock 50 g, 11 ms
Weight approx. 400 g
Connection Flange connector M12, 5-pin
Cable 2 m
Bending radius Cable: >55 mm
Special characteristics Coated electronic
Instruction Please consider the assembly instructions